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Dodge Charger & Challenger High Performance
1 Piece 4" Aluminum or Steel Conversion Shaft

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Made of the highest quality Premium American components from Sonnax and Spicer, Our Charger & Challenger Conversion shafts are superior to our competitors products as they are hand built by our master fabricators to size and balance tolerances to within 10/1000in or less.. These are custom made specific to your car (see measurement templates) to perfectly complement your Hellcat, SRV or R/T or custom configuration. We eliminate the problematic center bearing and CV joints and construct a one piece shaft converting to more durable and easily serviceable U- Joints. This assures silky smooth operation across the entire RPM range, providing maximum torque to the wheels for quicker response off the line. And like all of our hand crafted drive shafts, you are covered by our exclusive *Lifetime Warrantee!

*Our Lifetime Warrantee covers full replacement for any failure due to defects in the manufacturing process but not as a result of abuse or normal wear and tear.



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Sonnax T35-125-350-KIT.png

Billet Slip Yoke Assembly 

Sonnax T35-ALFY-09.jpg

Billet Conversion Flanges 

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American Quality Steel Parts 

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